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Ok, to be fair, Cedric, you didn't. The original post I'm talking about is this one:

But you responded to this curtly and with no information, so I didn't infer "good vision and scouting ability" from that. Maybe this is semantics. I agree with mth here on the Arroyo pickup for the most part, but I also agree that good vision and scouting ability are a part of that. He used the phrase "special wisdom" which to me implies something loftier or a unique ability not possessed by most GMs, something beyond vision and scouting.

Look, I really do agree with most of Krivsky's moves, but like I said a couple of pages back, I think that sometimes we overhail the Arroyo trade -- or, more accurately, we hail it in the wrong way. It was a very smart and even-handed move. It wasn't the surprising gift of wisdom that some seem to think it was. A lot of people knew how good Bronson Arroyo was; Krivsky just happened to come up with the right thing to deal for him at the right time. That's not belittling what he did; that's just to say that it was a good baseball move and not "rocket science" as the kids say.
That's all it was. I agree.

I don't think it was a miracle or "rocket science".

It was just a damn good job. Getting a pitcher of Arroyo's quality for an oft injured player like Wily Mo was niec.