Time to break up the love-fest among the Buckeye fans, send them to their respective corners of the state, and have them come out fighting. Who you got this Sunday and why?

The Bengals seem to have it working finally on offense while they have completely lost the ability to play defense at all. I'm not sure how far you can go by letting a team march right down the field and then plan on getting the pick in the end zone. They've worked that plan to perfection the last two weeks (of course they left off the "pick in the end zone" part vs. San Diego, but let's not nitpick ). Will we have another 58-48 shootout like we did in '04?

The weather is supposed to be 52 and cloudy so that doesn't sound like much of a factor. Not sure what the turf is like right now up in Cleveland but I assume it will not be a fast track. I'll be a homer and say Bengals 31 Browns 27 with Rudi and Winslow Jr. both having big games.

Good luck Brownies. Go Bengals!

p.s. - One very cool item of note; the game will be in HD.