I have great memories of past Boomer vs. Bernie clashes as well.

While in college my fraternity house was pretty evenly split between Browns and Bengals fans and we would always fight over which game would be on the big screen in the TV room. We finally decided on a steadfast rule; we'd monitor both games and the team scoring first would get control of the big TV with the other team's fans left to their own devices. Seems like I watched a lot of Bengals games during those years on the 20 inch TV in my room. When the Browns and Bengals played each other is was a genuine Battle Royale!

Another "fond" memory from those days is once coming back from a weekend at home to find that all my good Browns fan buddies had taken a Bernie poster and shellacked it to the outside of my door. They did a fabulous job because there was no way to tear it off short of taking down the door and sanding it away. Needless to say, I had Bernie on my door for the rest of the year. If I had a dollar for every time I had to explain that I wasn't a huge Browns fan, I'd have graduated a wealthy man.

Good times.