I'll be there. My sister and her husband live in N. Virginia and obtained 4 tickets through the Ravens ticket office before the season. They were planning on visiting for a week in the Dayton area and thought it would be fun to see an NFL game (and Paul Brown Stadium) while here. My sister (pregnant... due end of March) grew up in the Dayton area and is having a baby shower Saturday.

My sister likes the Bengals... although her and her husband are big Redskins fans. For some reason she has liked the Skins since she was a little kid. However, she had to grow up in a household that are diehard Bengals fans (my father and I) and has always liked them.

Since the Dayton area will not get the game on TV (NFL Network... boo!), the timing worked out well for this Bengals diehard. I just hope the expected rain does not happen. A must win for the Bengals... lose and the Ravens wrap up the division.