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You call yourself a realist with FCB? Especially after your example, I beg to differ. Everyone knows that Uncle Miltie was a DanO signing and it was the "market rate" according to the article redsmetz posted. Milton has done nothing. I'm pretty sure that he is gone after this contract, or if has a pretty good start next year he could be tradebait.

IMHO - I think you and FCB are the side of whatever the FO does isn't positive. It's not a slam on you, but since you labeled me, I'll label you. (With apologies to Metallica).
Not at all. But there comes a time when you watch move after move after move and you begin to wonder what is going on. I cannot in any way justify a lot of his moves and that's taking away the Lopez-Kearns trade. The Narron extension being number one with me.

And to tell you the truth, I didn't have you in mind when I typed that. I didn't have anyone in mind. I think it's obvious that all over this board in both sections that some are tickled pink with what has gone on so far. I'm not one of them, especially when we keep getting this llip service about competing for championships. You're got going to do that with Gonzo, Lohse, and Moeller.