Short and concise and badly written, as always with me

When I first got there Wayne Krivsky was doing an interview with Tom Gamble for 700 WLW. For some reason the volume was low and NOBODY was around. My brother went up in the break and nobody was around Wayne. He asked "how comfortable are you with the defense up the middle, in the outfield? He said we got a few options out there and we think they are both capable. I jumped in and got to the point. "We can't be the best team we are capable of with Griffey Jr playing such an important position that weakly. Wayne said "You gotta ask Jerry about that, he fills out the lineup card and I have to respect his decisions." I said well then is the best option bringing in another CF and forcing Griffey into a corner position with a trade. He smiled and was like "that's something I can't get into, but does that answer your question anyway?

I next went into the autograph line for Jerry Narron and asked him how he feels about his defense up the middle. He said it was good. I asked him if Griffey was a good enough CF on a winning team. He gave me a really sly look and said "what do you think? I was like honestly no, but you are the one filling out the lineup card." He laughed and said "I agree with you, stay tuned."

I was totally stunned by how nice Jerry was and how honest he was. I'm excited about his answers also.

I hope I don't offend anyone with me making Redsfest a business trip

Oh yeah ,I also got George Grande to sign a baseball with "HE GOT IT!!!"

He is an extremely nice guy also.