from marc's blog:
Payroll flexibility?

Earlier this evening, Bob Castellini was chatting with a few of us reporter types and somebody made the requisite crack about looking forward to that Barry Zito press conference. We all know that's not going to happen, but Castellini insisted the Reds have some wiggle room with the remaining budget.

"Nothingís out of the question," he said. "We donít knock any possibility out of the realm of possibility, OK? We look at every possibility thatís going to make this team a better team."

I mentioned his statement about ponying up some more cash at midseason if the team was in contention, and he said he'd do it again this year. Then he implied he's prepared to do it this winter.

"People keep trying to figure out how much money there is Ė donít worry about it," he said. "If we have to move out a little bit more, weíll move out a little bit more. ... There is no exactness."

HMM this made me smile as a Reds fan... Lets see what magic they can do