Who will replace Troy Smith next year? They have a few options between Boekman and Schoensoft, but I'm intrigued by Antonio Henton simply because I like the idea of a double threat QB and he's supposedly a great athlete. And supposedly he can throw better than Smith when he got to Columbus. The only problem will be I'm not sure he'll be reay by next year, and it will difficult to unseat an incumbent unless they bomb.

Thoughts? Boekman, Schoensoft, or Henton?

Add to that they're returning two stud RBs in Pittman and Wells, along with plenty of talent at WR and Alex Boone should be one of the best O-lineman in the country. Virtually the entire defense will be returning with a full year of experience. I think they'll miss Smith and they probably won't repeat what we saw this year, but they could wind up being a damn good team next year as well. Although, Michigan wil probably come into the season ranked #1. They'll be legit national titel contenders next year.