One of the things I liked about the vest as it allowed more color to be seen on the Reds uniforms. As the new home jerseys look now, all you see is white. Kind of like a hospital uniform. The only red will be the socks which you don't see anymore and that gawd awful piping which makes them look like the Red Sox. Again, inside the wishbone C thre should have been a contrasting color to make it stand out. I know I'm in the minority, but I really don't like the home uniforms. The Reds uniforms over the last few years really stood out as something different, black or not, but these just look generic.

The away uniforms look nice, but nothing special. Once again, the Diamondbacks went to the designer and came away with a uniform that had color, style, and just looked like something I'd like to buy. I won't buy one of these. I have a 20-year old Bench jersey that looks much the same and I don't wear it because it is so bleached out.