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I love plain white uniforms, like the Tigers have.
Me, too, woy, and I would have loved for the Reds to go back to the '69-71 uni's, but the Cards beat them to it, and I really do like Cards uni's.

Here's what Paul Lukas, of the Uni Watch Blog has to say: http://www.uniwatchblog.com/2006/12/...e-red-hot-etc/

to sum: It's mostly all good, except for 1) the black-drop shadowing, especially of the nameplate ("stupid"), which clutters things up, and makes harder to read, and 2) the piping, which he finds "cluttering."

He might have a point with the nameplates; we'll just have to see how hard they are to read when we get to ballpark conditions. I disagree with him on the piping- it's a great touch, is not overdone. Without it, it would too much resemble the Cards uniform, which I consider to be exquisite simple beauty, but alas, they beat us to it (don't they always seem to do so?) and without the piping, the Reds would just be copying the look, some would say.