Spring quarter at OSU, I ran out of money and worked at the campus Burger Chef. Cooked up many a Big Shef and Super Shef.

One night a week was family night and we had one guy who was theatre major that dressed up like a fairy princess for the kids. He was a little too into it if you catch my drift wink-wink nudge-nudge.

I wore my Burger Chef uniform when playing softball for the 17th Ave. Cong Rims. Roy patrolled CF in the day when he still had wheels.


I remember that building vp. I used to work downtown Cinci for 4 years (over by City Hall). If the weather was decent, I'd walk the city streets at lunch. I think I walked evey street south of Central Parkway all the way to the river, I-75 (and a little beyond) west, and over to Mt. Adams. You see a lot of interesting stuff. And a lot of weird stuff.