Last year, the Reds rated a letter grade "D" on Baseball America's organization report cards. THis placed them 27th out of 30, with only the Pirates, Devil Rays, and Royals lower.

This year, Baseball America's latest issue rates them a "C+", which moves them up to 15th.

Under the overall grade, there are a number of sub-categories. Below these are listed, with a comparison of last year and this year's rankings.

1. Major Leagues 2005: D 2006: C
2. Minor Leagues 2005: D 2006: B
3. Talent Level 2005: D 2006: B
4. Player Procurement 2005: B 2006: C
5. Organization Direction 2005: D 2006: B

I don't think I should quote all of the one sentence narratives for each sub-category, since BA is fussy about having their content copied. Under team direction is the overall summary; "With improved ownership, things are suddenly looking up in Cincinnati, but team still needs more good players to make a serious playoff push."