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I'd suggest that having many of the top propsects having good seasons is an absolute turnaround. As opposed to having many of the top prospects flop. It validates the top prospects ratings.
My definition of absolute turnaround is having a farm system that consistently spits out quality major leaguers. Most likely, none of the Reds top prospects will be a quality major leaguer in 2007.

They've got three top arms (Bailey, Cueto, Wood) and two top bat (Bruce and Votto). Say two of the arms get injured in 2007 and the two bats struggle a bit the next league up. Would that then be an absolute negative turnaround?

That's why I try to resist the notion that everything's suddenly horrible/wonderful. The Reds have increased the top end value in their farm system over the past year. That's a good thing. It needs to continue. The rest of the system needs to delevop much better depth and prospects at some point will need to make the jump to being capable major leaguers (and that might be two to three years off).

The Reds's affiliates generally struggled on the field, Chattanooga and Billings were the only two to post winning records for the year. The system certainly didn't feature prospect-laden teams. We've seen handful of prospects have a good year before, 2001 leaps to mind. IMO it would far more encouraging and indicative of a turnaround if 2007 builds on 2006. Right now we've got one year that stands in isolation waiting, hopefully, on an exciting future.