Would love to have Cabrera in a Reds uniform. That's a high price to pay for a guy who would likely be no more than a set-up man for the Yankees.

A source told the Beaver County Times that the Yankees are willing to part with Melky Cabrera in order to land Mike Gonzalez.
It's believed the Pirates want a second player along with Cabrera, presumably Scott Proctor. The Yankees aren't likely to go that far, though, even if it would deprive the Red Sox of one of their targets. The Braves are apparently out of the mix for Gonzalez, which also rules out the rumored three-way deal with the Yankees (Adam LaRoche and Kyle Davies to Pittsburgh, Gonzalez to the Yankees and Cabrera, Proctor and Jose Castillo to the Atlanta). The Diamondbacks reportedly offered Chad Tracy for Gonzalez and were turned down, leaving them to focus on Akinori Otsuka.
Source: Beaver County Times