I've been in the same league for 6 years now and it's been pretty competitive. I've made the playoffs every year, but I'm getting really tired of getting knocked out in the first or second round. And now freaking Frank Gore has put me in a hole for this week. Between Tiki, Addai, and Jones-Drew, who do you think I should I start at RB? I'm moving away from my usual safe picks and am ready to take some risks if it means a high score.

My gut tells me Jones-Drew and Addai. Jones-Drew is turning into an animal and they're playing Tennessee. Addai is going against the Bengals, and I'm not at all sold that they've somehow turned into a good defense. My only concern there is that it's so easy to throw against Cincy that they'll be airing it out the whole game. Tiki is going against Philly, and while he's almost guaranteed to get me 12-15 points, it's almost a guarantee that it won't be any more than that.


Also, who should I start between Devery Henderson and Reche Caldwell as a 3rd receiver? Brady is starting to throw to Caldwell with regularity, but Brees is also starting to find Henderson. The Patriots are at home against Houston and the Saints are at home against Washington.