I see posters (especially new ones) periodically asking about where to find good roster and contract info on the Reds. So I thought I'd serve up a reminder.

I haven't posted all that much in last 24 months or so. Occasionally I'll make a drive-by posting, but I have read everything here. At work I'm a database admininstrator and we've spent the last 2 years implementing a new system. And we've had a family member successfully fighting cancer. If any of you have been in that situation, you know how consuming the chemo/radiation and medical visits can be even if you're not the person going thru it. But things are starting to ease up a bit.

So, let's talk rosters/salaries.

I actually started maintaining a salary database back in 1999, when believe it or not, it was kind of hard to find that info. Things changed fairly quickly, and by the start of the 2003 season, it was pretty easy to find salaries for teams. I debated whether it was worthwhile to keep doing it. But I finally struck upon an idea that no-one (even to this day, even the big boys like ESPN) have got.

It's a database driven web site that ties players salaries to their roster status. It's information starts March 31, 2003. What you get:

Rosters - Not only the current roster (broken down into 25,40,15 and 60 day sections), but the ability to see what the roster was on any day from March 31, 2003 to the present.

Salaries - The salary page defaults to the current calendar year, but you can choose to look back at any prior year to see what was actually spent, and any future year to see the Reds committments.

What makes the current year salary page unique (especially in-season) is that it's the only place I've seen that shows you the salary impact of moves such as DL's, waivers, and trades). It shows you what the Reds payroll will end up at for the year.

There is a 3rd page where you can look up the roster/salary info for any player that has been on the 40 man roster for as much as one day. (I need to figure out a better way to select players, it's becoming unwieldy).

I have changed my signature line to point directly to the database. I don't keep the rest of it up, and not sure when/if I ever will.

Please check it out, I think you will find it a useful tool.