Might as well get this thread started.

Huge game tomorrow...might as well be a playoff game for the Bengals. Although Jax losing today helps.

Here are some thoughts/questions.

  • The Steelers have awoken. I dread playing them in two weeks. Let's win the next two so that one's not as important.
  • Everybody and their brother is picking the Bengals to beat the Colts. And with the media abuse the Colts have been taking, they're going to be trying to prove something tomorrow...in their house.
  • Does it help, maybe, that the Cotls have already clinched a playoff spot? I don't think so...see above.
  • As a Bengals fan, I'm actually pleased to be 8-5 right now...especially with their brutal schedule. They've lost to some teams they clearly should have beaten and they've won some games I didn't expect to win.

Predicitons for tomorrow's MNF game?

I'll take the Bengals (because I'm a homer)...in a shootout...kinda like, you know, the last team with the ball is gonna win...