After receiving all of my cable company's HD channels for free for the last couple of months, they turned them off this week. I only get the 4 broadcast networks in HD now unless I start paying another 22 bucks a month. It really makes me want to drop them and pick up Dish Network. The only problem with that is that I would have to get a phone line, I think, which makes little sense given that anything they would need should be done over broadband anyway.

Anyone with Dish or DirecTV? Do I have to get a phone line to use their service, is there another way? Who uses a landline phone anyways?

I just can't see paying 22 bucks a month for about 10 HD channels. I'm hoping they will just let me pay the 10 dollar a month HD channel charge and not make me get the box. Their website says that you have to get the box, but it's not really clear. BTW, I have a local cable company that isn't affiliated with any major carrier.

Are there any other alternatives for HD service? My landlord would have to sign off on one of the dishes, but he's not too high on the idea and I don't know if he would do it. For some reason he doesn't want me to put up a dish anywhere. I really want Dish or DirecTV anyway, but I am just waying all my options.