If I win this week, I'm in the finals.

Here's what I've got at RB:

Tiki Barber at home vs the Saints
Ron Dayne at home vs Indy
Joseph Addai @ Houston
Jones-Drew at home vs. the Patriots

Now Jones-Drew has been carrying me lately, but I don't want to be the guy that rode a rookie one game too long. Fred Taylor is hurt, so Jones-Drew will be getting all the carries. But New England is 4th in the league against the run and are stingy at giving up rushing TDs. OTOH, Jax plays great at home.

Addai is too up and down and is bursing an injury, so he might not even play. I have no intention of starting him.

Tiki against NO is a good matchup.

Dayne has been awesome the last 3 weeks and is playing against one of the worst running defenses in the game.

Right now I'm thinking Barber and Dayne.