After reading the 2006 predictions, I thought it would be fun to start one for next year. It will be cool to look back on this thread in 12 months!

1) Florida will win the Football National Championship.

2) Florida will win the NCAA basketball National Championship....God I hate this year allready.

3) Reds finish 18 games under .500, Narron fired day after season.

4) Griffey will not be on the opening day line-up.

5) Israel will bomb Nuclear sites in Iran.

6) Hillary will bring up Obama's prior Cocaine use, in Iowa.

7) McCain will be the front runner for the GOP.

8) Iraq will get better, and more stable. It can't get worse.

9) China will handle North Korea. China wants the Olympics not to be boycotted. This will be the threat by the US. No US, no TV coverage, no US tourist, no money.

10) Detroit and Leyland will win the World Series. Casey gets his ring

11) Colts pull it together and win the Super Bowl.

12) Nansy Pelosi will have a harder time pleasing Dems, than the GOP.

13) Mark McGuire will not make the Hall of Fame this year.

14) Hank Aaron will not attend Bond's tying or passing homerun. In fact he will break his silence and say that "he did it the right way and did not cheat." Big headlines. Bonds will say something bad about Aaron, and will get even more negative press.

It's your turn have some fun. Try and make political observations and not rants or slants.