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Well, this would be two down in Marvin's tenure for what is supposed to be his specialty if that happens. I think the D is a talent problem first and a coaching problem second, but I'd say that both need significant changes. What it takes to fix both is probably the draft and free agency. I'd say you could argue that all of the LBers need replaced and two of the Dlineman. I'd let Justin Smith walk and find more playing time for Peko. Geathers is finally looking like a pass rushing end, but the rest need upgraded. Leave the offense alone, focus on the D and the offense won't be falling all over themselves to try to win the game, which is what I think the turnovers are coming from. Oh yea, and I'd trade Chris Henry.
Losing your two starting linbackers really hurt this team, but our pass defense and the lack of ability to adjust (Colts game) is mind blowing. Marvin coached one of the best defenses in the modern era while in Baltimore. I can't understand why he does not take more of a hands on approach. I don't expect a Ravens defense, but to be in the basement or close to it is unexceptable knowing his defensive background.