I wonder if either of the Bengals' games will be aired? I'd say XXIII will make it. I've got it on VHS, but the quality is lacking, since we got our NBC signal from an antenna in those days. I'd rather have a look at XVI, since all I've seen of it since 1982 are the NFL Films clips.

This is long overdue. I really think that the NFL Network should show more classic game broadcasts, such as the Bengals-Chargers Ice Bowl and the game that was played the week before, the Chargers-Dolphins Kellen Winslow game. Man, the 1981 postseason was one for the ages, wasn't it? That was also the year of the Montana to Dwight Clark TD pass over Dallas in the NFC Championship game.


The NFL Network has undertaken another type of archival dig. Starting Jan. 4, it will show the original broadcasts of nine Super Bowls for the first time since they were broadcast. The series will start with last year’s Pittsburgh-Seattle game. The Giants-Buffalo game in 1991 will be seen on Feb. 1.
The league had until now preferred to let Super Bowls be recalled through the prism of NFL Films, but those were the official, edited versions; the original network versions were locked away. Now, it is possible (if you are among those who get the NFL Network) to see the games, including the Jets’ 16-7 upset win over the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III on Feb. 3.