Okay, I have no shame.

I have some questions that might be simplistic to some of you. I'd really appreciate it if you all could give me some answers. The questions have to do with things that can be used when posting here at RZ. I tried the FAQ, but could not find the answers. I hope the answers might be helpful to others as well. Please ask other questions if you have them and they might help me and others as well. Thanks in advance!

(1) Putting a picture in a post.
>> I still use the old-fashioned method (using the manage attachments button). It shows the picture as a thumbnail. How do you put a picture in a post so it is free-standing and not shown as an attached thumbnail? I assume you have to use the Insert Image button.... but I still need step-by step help!

(2) Using Code
>> I see this used by members when posting statistics. It is really a neat way to post stats and keeps columns in a nice row for easy reading. I have no clue how to do this!