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Someone mentioned in passing on the other side of the board that Randolph really got reamed last night on the pre-game radio show. Can someone who heard it elaborate? How is the tone right now in Lexington towards Tubby?
I mentioned it.

Morris made some Rex Grossman-like quotes in the Lexington paper after the Alabama Game.


"My head wasn't in the game," he said after UK's 72-61 loss at Alabama. "Obviously, the way I came out early, it was a tough day for me getting myself ready to play."

In UK's first six trips downcourt, Morris committed two turnovers and missed a shot. That sent him on his way to a career-high eight turnovers, which marred his 15-point, seven-rebound, four-block afternoon. The blocks equaled a career high.

When asked where his head was, Morris said, "I don't know. If I knew where it was, I'd have an idea of where to find it."
Dave Baker was killing him and Oscar Combs was defending him. Natually, the callers mostly agreed with Dave.

As far as the tone in Lexington, I dunno. But my SWO UK buddies all say Tubby is done.