From Jon Heyman of

"Nationals GM Jim Bowden has the job because he ingratiated himself with the Lerner family, not because he was club president Stan Kasten's first choice. Even so, word is Bowden worked at least the first several months after his appointment without a contract, and it's believed that's still the case. In the long run, it may not be so easy for him to keep the job."

"The Nats were outbid by double for Alfonso Soriano ($136 million to $70 million) after Bowden determined it would be better not trade Soriano because they'd try to keep him instead. The Nats' big deals this winter were 21 six-year minor-league free agents. How bad is their plight? 'We have one pitcher. One starting pitcher,' noted one Nationals person."

Wait a minute, you mean a Jim Bowden led franchise has absolutely no pitching? SHOCKER