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Nah. The Church released an album in...1983, I believe, entitled "Remote Luxury". The drums on that album sound hideously awful. The 80s were a time when nearly all drums had that gated-reverb thing going on, and for the most part they all sounded like crap. But "Remote Luxury" took things to a new level of awfulness. The snare drum sounded like the drummer was whacking a linoleum floor with a spoon in a large concert hall. Blech.
The drummer from Crazy Horse sounds like he's building a shed, not drumming. I went to see Steve Earle a few years back and his kid came out on stage and played a big galvanized steel garbage can (new) that was hanging from a stand.

On the Green tour Michael Stipe played a metal chair with a metal bar, I think during World Leader Pretend.