I figured this could use a separate thread than the one on 2007 inductees, since this topic was raised there. If those whose power is greater than mine deem otherwise, feel free to merge.

Which band(s) who meets the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame qualifications do you believe SHOULD be in, but is (are) not? Remember, to qualify, a band or artist must have commercially released their first album 25 years ago (in this case, 1982). I'll get it started with a couple suggestions, you can agree, disagree, or do both and provide some of your own.

The Cure: Though I'm mixed about their music--some I like, some I loathe--their influence on alt/goth music is undeniable. Celebrating 30 years this year as an act that managed to take a seemingly niche musical form and make it palateable to a wide audience.

Depeche Mode: They weren't the only predominantly electronic act to emerge during the 80s by any means, but they are unquestionably the most popular and longest-lasting. 70 million albums sold, an enduringly-popular live show and seemingly countless influences.

Rush: Definitely a polarizing act, both for their musical style and Geddy Lee's voice, they nonetheless are perhaps the most popular prog/arena rock act in history. The very definition of musical virtuosos, they never forgot how to write a tune. They're also behind only the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kiss and Aerosmith for most consecutive Platinum and Gold albums by a rock band.