Is there anyone else here who really doesn't care all that much about the Hall of Fame? I'm interested to see who gets in, but other than that, I don't want to hear hours of talk about it (like on XM 175). Personally, I'm not that concerned if Goose Gossage or Lee Smith get in.

I think one of the reasons I feel this way is because writers vote for it, and it was basically started by them. I just don't think writers know enough about baseball. Then there are some that didn't vote Cal Ripken in, when I feel he should have been a unanimous (for those that actually voted) decision.

Half the people who vote on this "sacred" collection of players (as I stated in another thread) don't know much beyond saves, wins, and batting average. Also, I bet some of these writers never saw some of these players actually play.

I guess to me, it just isn't all that to get worked up about, although I'm not trying to down play it for the importance or uniqeness for others, or the players. Just for me, not all that important.