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You certinally have the right, but you also have the responibility to contol your kid. I'm tired of having my dinners with my family destroyed because some other parent lets their kids yell, scream, bang plates, throw things, climb all over the booths, run around the resturant. Kids should be welcome in most any resturant but they should conform to the adult rules, we shouldn't have to conform to theirs.

I was going to ask you about this. Does this happen very often to you very often? Because for us, by and large, parents do a pretty decent job of controlling their kids appropriately for the restaurant.

Of course, it depends on the restaurant. If we're at a McDonalds or other fast food place, I'm going to expect a certain amout of kid jubilation and running around. Those places are always loud. If we're at an Applebee's or Friday's, I don't mind if a child gets a little excited about their balloon or gets exuberant, but no running around or screaming. And if we're at a restaurant aimed at adult eating, well then, I expect them in their seat and fairly quietly eating. At place like that, children should be seen and not heard.

And for the places we go to, parents do a pretty good job. Sure, every so often you get some idiots who let their kids swing from the rafters, but that is fairly rare. And Roy is not above using the aforementioned skunk eye only this time focusing it on the rabble.

Heck, people on cell phones in restaurants bug me more than kids do.