As a long time KY football fan ....I would just like to say thanks for a special season.Who knows, maybe some of the cats are big reds fans and members of Redszone.
Personally, I am not a bandwagon fan. I have been a fan from the days of Randy Jenkins to Tim Couch.That includes the Billy Ransdells and Billy Jack Haskins days.
I for one was hoping UK would go after Steve Spurrier or even Doug Williams but instead we got a "Rich Brooks".We seen Brooks make mistakes like bringing in Ron Hudson who turned a 500 yard passer(2 games) in Jared Lorenzen into a non drafted option QB
We also saw coach Brooks turn the offense over to Joker Phillips which was an excellent move.The players liked coach Brooks and pleaded for the fans to give him a chance.
This season we got to witness one of the more enjoyable seasons in recent history.Thank you coach Brooks and players for laying it on the field every game.
Thank you for taking roll call after the LSU debacle and closing out the season on a strong strong note.
This season we began a climb that we "must" continue.
Clemson looked bored even before the music city bowl and they acted as if we didnt belong on the field with them.
We and i am speaking of the University of Kentucky football team finished 8-5 and with a bowl win.
We had a couple of games we lost that we could have easily won which would have give us 10 wins.We also had a couple of those games that we won that we could have lost which would have give us 6 wins.
So in a range of 6-10 we split the difference and won 8.
Are we in same category as the Ohio State's and USC's of the world.
No No No ! You have to crawl before you walk.
Just continue to improve UK ! You are making football fun again and we thank you !
The players ? yes they are enjoying it too.
Andre Woodson...Rafeal Little....Kennan Burton all returning for another run.
Thanks again guys! Keep it going !!!