I figured I'd post something on here because most threads get a pretty good response when it comes to computers.

I am going to be buying a laptop soon and I have never owned one and really only know the basics about them. I'll just go ahead and explain what I'm going to be using it for and maybe people can point me in the right direction as far as $$ and hardware.

This laptop will mainly be used for internet and some gaming. I work 3rd shift and have a ton of down time while there. I figure I might as well have something else to go along with magazines, books, and TV. I will want a DVD player/burner, ability to have wireless broadband (hopefully at work) and internet at the house. The games that I would be playing are more RPGs and sim games, not the fast action shooter types that need major hardware.

I know that laptops have tumbled in price lately. I would say that my budget is somewhere in the $650-$1000 range. Obviously I'd like to get the best deal for what I am needing. Like I said, I don't need this laptop to be the new best thing.

Any suggestions are appreciated.