For those of you with ipods and would like a better and safer way to manage them in the car, check out the Harmon-Kardon Drive & Play.

This system allows you to controll your ipod via a joystick that mimics the ipod click wheel and dispays the ipod information on a screen that matches the ipod display screen. So instead of looking down to see what song you are on, you can quickly glance over to the side (depending where you mount the screen) and see what is going on. Also the joy stick is MUCH easier to control than the thumb wheel while you are driving.

This also allows you to burry most of the guts of the system (including your ipod) out of sight when mounted professionally. You end up with a small screen and the joystick visable. It cost $80 to have Circuit City install the system and they did a slick job. It can be installed yourself if you have some car stereo knowledge and the inclination.

The output system can put out a signal in 3 ways. FM Transmitter, FM Modulator and Aux out. I'm using the FM transmitter (long story) and while it's still not up to snuff it's far better than any I've used before. The moudlator allows you to put the signal into the antenna line while the aux out directly into your stereo is the best route.

Anyway, I've had mine for about a month so far, and I've been very happy with it. Hope this helps.

Best Buy has these on sale for $99.00. Here's the link.