I was if anyine here had a Wii and if so what do you think about it.I love mine and am having a ball playing all the new games with the new design wiimote and nunchuk.People have alos been talking about how bad the grahics are,I mean what ae they talking about I think the graphics are great.Are they as good as teh PS3 or the Xbox.NO.But do you have to pay 400 or 600 hundred dollars for the console NO.Games dont cost 60 bucks either.I feel that the Wii is everything they said it would be and more.The only thing I would like to see being updated are the internet activity.I cant wait for the first game that has the abiltiy to play on the net coop style.But besdies that I think its great,how about you guys.

Also if anyone wants to share Wii numbers PM me and we can send emails or exchange numbers over PM's if its aloud,thanks.Looking forward to your replys.