I know its severe bottom feeding, just wondering would you sign guys like this? I think they worth something.

Arthur Rhodes

Scouting Report by Stats Inc.
Rhodes still can bring a heater at 90-plus MPH, but his location, and seemingly his confidence have been erratic since he injured his ankle in the middle of the 2003 season. Rhodes does have a decent curve and changeup, but his hard slider, combined with that fastball, is the key to his success. Rhodes holds baserunners very well, as only four of nine would-be thieves have been successful against him since 2000. His defense is even better, as Rhodes has not committed a fielding miscue since 1998.

Dustin Hermanson

Scouting Report by Stats Inc.
Hermanson doesn't have the velocity he once had, but he can still throw in the mid-90s. With no need to pace himself after moving from the rotation, Hermanson was able to throw as hard as he could. He also used an effective slider while closing. Hermanson might not have the repertoire of other pitchers, but he's a competitor who isn't afraid to throw any pitch at any time.

Dec 9 Rotoworld

The Yankees are reviewing free agent Dustin Hermanson's medical records and could offer him a contract if they like what they see.
Hermanson might not have to settle for a minor league deal, but he is looking at a pay cut from the $3 million he made last season. If he wants to pitch for a contender, the Yankees are probably his bet. However, he could have a more meaningful role elsewhere.