Well, we haven't had any ballots submitted in a few days, so let's put this puppy to bed. Here are the results of our voting for the spots after the top 10. Let me know if you see any glaring mistakes:

1. Homer Bailey
2. Jay Bruce
3. Joey Votto
4. Johnny Cueto
5. Travis Wood
6. Drew Stubbs
7. Chris Valaika
8. Sam LeCure
9. Milton Loo
10. Sean Watson

11. Paul Janish (59 points)
12. David Shafer (48 points)
13. Calvin Medlock (37 points)
14. Tyler Pelland (29 points)
15. Josh Hamilton (25 points)
16t. Josh Ravin (24 points)
16t. Cody Strait (24 points)
18. Justin Turner (16 points)
19. Jon Coutlangus (11 points)
20. Wirfin Obispo (9 points)

OTHERS: Dumatrait-8, Anderson & Dorn-6, Fisher & Lutz-5, Parker & Salmon-4, Gonzales & Gutierrez-2, Asadoorian, Guevara & Rosales- 1

BTW, Lollipopcurve was the only voter to name the same five that eventually finished 11-15, although he did it in slightly different order.

This has been fun. I know it's up to the mods as far as what gets archived, but it would be fun to go back and look at this in a year.