1. OAKLAND RAIDERS- Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame. Davis plays it safe for once.
2. DETROIT LOION- Jamarcus Russell, QB, LSU. Big boddied strong armed qb.
3or4. CLEVELAND BROWNS- Joe Thomas, OL, Wisconsin. Only true difference maker OL in the draft IMO. Would like to see Calvin Johnson here to line up with Edwards but not likely.
3or4. TAMPA BAY BUCS-Calvin Johnson, WR, GT. Best Athlete and playmaker on the boardm would be #1 or #2 if the top of the board lacked desperate need at the QB position.
5. ARIZONA- Alan Branch, DT, Michigan. Is the best available but could see them trade down for a CB, which is a weak point that needs to be adressed.
6. WASHINGTON REDSKINS- Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson. See this as a no doubter due to lack of pass rush, although a defensive player is alittle non flashy for Washington.
7. Minnesota Vikes- Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas. Injury and lack of production at position make this a good pick, although a WR is on the wish list so they could trade up or down to take one.
8. HOUSTON TEXANS- Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma. FO hopes this pick will quiet all of the Reggie Bush talk.
9. MIAMI DOLPHINS- Ted Ginn Jr, WR, Ohio State. This is my suprise pick of the draft, but they need to get younger at the position. Could trade down to get him later.
10. ATLANTA- Laron Landry, S, LSU. Secondary struggled big time, could also be interested in Reggie Nelson, S, Florida, which could allow them to trade with Dallas and grab another pick later on.

Thats my top ten, the rest will depend on playoff results. It's a start anyway. Would like to know everyones thoughts, and opinions. I will keep it going after the Draft order is settled. With the coin toss pick at 3 and four I think Cleveland will take either Thomas or Johnson depending on who is available.