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Well, that's just the nature of the city, it's not the airport's fault. And it can't possibly be as long a commute as the other two NY airports. I would think it would be next to impossible to put an airport any closer to Manhattan than LaGuardia.
You could run a train to it to get around that problem. Why they didn't is a marvelous story of graft and corruption. Stories like the ones Sandy and Blimpie just told about LaGuardia are common. San Francisco International, as others have mentioned, isn't geographically close to the city, but I can get downtown from it in 30 minutes, no questions asked. I couldn't tell you how many times I've flown into LaGuardia, but I've never made the trip between it and Manhattan in that kind of time. That doesn't even touch upon the constantly delayed flights there or the numerous cancellations I've had to endure. It's why I take the Acela. It's easy to get to Penn Station. The train is usually on time. The ride is comfortable and it's cheaper.