Given Saarloos' ground ball tendencies, I'm surprised nobody's mentioned this ...
  • Saarloos career at home: 0.75 HR/9
  • Saarloos career at Network Associates: 0.85 HR/9
  • Saarloos career on the road: 1.30 HR/9

He'll get a boost from the AL/NL switch, but he's also moving out of a home park park that suppresses home runs and moving into GABP. Also, as has been mentioned previously, the NL Central road parks where Saarloos will log a decent chunk of road innings are also HR friendly.

If Kirk Saarloos walks as many guys as he strikes out in 2007, which he's done the past three seasons, and puts up a HR/9 in the 1.30 range in 2007, which he's done for his career on the road, then there won't be many people satisfied one bit with his performance come summer.