Reading the articles about EE doing so well this winter got me to thinking. By the time he gets to spring training he'll be quite a ways ahead of a lot of guys who have been away from the game since October. They’ll need a month just to knock the rust off while EE and others like him will not only be sharp but they'll be in shape and probably better than they were last fall.

Why don't more player take part in these winter leagues? Especially if your trying to earn a spot on the 25 man roster. I'm also sure there are a few guys on the 25 that could really use this experience. I know it's the off season and they want and need some time away from the game but when I was playing at the high school level I loved the game so much I would have liked to do it year round. It's the greatest game in the world and on a huge stage; don't you think they would want to put everything they possibly could into it?