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Last year we started with the game thread in Reds Live so everyone could post in it. After a few weeks of 1300+ posts threads, it became nearly impossible to follow them so we reverted to parallel game threads after receiving multiple requests.

I'm not sure how a separate forum would made the threads more visible. They were stickied at the top of the forum before. Previous game threads would be easier to find, but the threads usually stayed on the first page for another day or two as it was. To me, this seems like we are reverting to the Reds Live idea just in a different location.
Even if you decide not to create a game threads forum to host the active game threads, and stick with it the way it is, it might work to create a new "archives" board for old game threads. That would get them out of the way but still easy to find, and those threads wouldn't clutter the search results of the other boards, which was one of gonelong's issues.