I'm looking to buy a new DVD camcorder, in the $325-$400 range (it appears many are in this price range) and I only know a little bit about them. I can use all the help I can get before I buy one. Your help is much appreciated.

I'm using it to teach golf lessons so here's what I need:

1) It must have slow motion and I would love to have a feature that let's you go frame by frame tapping for each frame. Do all camcorders have slow-mo? I'd like a remote too, but it only looks like a few have that.

2) A DVD camcorder is a must because I want to record the lesson and then hand the burned DVD (RW or R) to the student.

3) High shutter speed is important too, but would all the new digital camcorders be good enough?

4) The brand is not that important. I know Sony is the best, but is it worth an extra $50 - $100?

That's about it really. I just need a simple to use recordable DVD camcorder. Thank you in advance if you're able to help me. I appreciate it.