Roger...just let us know when you make a decision. We really don't need a daily update. If none of the teams expect to see you before May, I don't expect to hear from you before then either.

Free agent Roger Clemens said Wednesday that he doesn't see himself returning to the mound in May.

Clemens has been throwing batting practice to Astros minor leaguers, but he's not getting ready for an early-season return. "None of the teams are interested in seeing me before May, and that's great," he said. "I don't have an interest in playing right now in May." While Clemens isn't likely to announce anything anytime soon, he doesn't sound like someone who is leaning toward retirement. "I'm failing at retirement," he said. "Let's just face it. I'm failing miserably at it." Clemens will consider the Astros, Red Sox and Yankees once he decides on returning.