I will admit before I had read that Harang was signed to a 4 year contract, that I was starting to think the Reds might not be playing to win.

I understand that we dont have top market money, but castellini does seem to want to win with this harang deal.

You use to look at the reds and be amazed at the POWER we had.
But we couldn't always put up 10 runs a game and get a win.

We were the reds that had the power but we didn't have the pitchers.


Now we are starting to get a decent core of players all around.

we will have
Harang / 4 to 5+ more years

Arroyo / this season and next season. I hope he starts to like cincinnati!!!

Bailey / only the future can tell how bright this guy can shine. but he looks like a future all-star in the seasons to come.

and I even like a few guys from that dreaded bullpen.
Coffey / was lights out last year as a set-up man.

Bray / I think he will make a good closer one day and at worst be another A+
guy like Coffey from the pen.

Majewski / wasn't really given a chance for us last year being injured, but I think he will be another guy from the pen that will be a better option than david weathers.

I wonder who we can sign as a free agent for 10 mil a year next year?
because with miltons 10 mil gone after this season, I think we may get another A+ pitcher!

Oh yes there is other talent that is awesome like Edwin Encarnacion, Brandon Phillips, and Ryan Freel

and if dunns new batting coach can help keep the so down!

Oh to be a reds fan with some hope again!