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It is better than it was. That doesn't justify all his moves, or mean that it is as good as it will likely need to be, but it is better whether you want to admit it or not.

Well Shackelford is likely out of the pen, and no other LH in the pen was as good as he was against LH hitters, so no, there is no improvement there.

Schoeneweiss is gone. his replacement is?

Cormier was NEVER really a good pitcher. and he wasn't good with the Reds last year. All he is, is a year older.

Guardado won't pitch until July, likely won't be effective until august.

the pen isn't better. it's older yes, but not better. and really, better than what? it was in a constant state of flux mired in crap last year. now it's stable crap. that's really a wash.