Best Starting Rotation In the NL

this guy is a writer for, these are his projections not mine, if you look at the comments from other posters on that page he's getting beat up on pretty good. I do give him a lot of credit for stickingg his neck out there.

Based on my own projections, I award the best projected cumulative starter ERA for 2007 to...San Diego at a sparkling 3.82. The Brewers are second at 3.95.

Heaviest strikeout staff? The Cubs, at a 7.5 K/9. The Giants are second at 7.3 K/9. Chicago also projects as the toughest to hit, just edging out the Giants.

If you want control, the Brewers are insane. They still can't touch the '05 Twins but I see Milwaukee's front five checking in at just 2.2 BB/9. The Padres and Phils rate strongly for control as well.

The Dodgers have the best HR prevention, followed by the Cardinals.

Team ERA
SDN 3.82
MIL 3.95
HOU 4.04
PHI 4.06
LAN 4.07
CHN 4.11
STL 4.14
SFN 4.21
FLA 4.22
ARI 4.28
NYN 4.39
CIN 4.44
ATL 4.53
COL 4.61
PIT 4.69
WAS 5.24