Didn't know this, it's an article on Bengals.com about Sam Adams. He is......well I'll let you read it for yourself. The part about Jr is 3rd paragraph from the bottom. But I will post the paragraph anyhow.


Adams is doing his part as owner of the Kats. He has offered his services to Bengals director of player relations Eric Ball for speaking engagements at schools and organizations this winter, and that will also help give his indoor team more of a profile.

Adams hosts 'Select Your Seat' night a week from Thursday at 7 p.m. at U.S. Bank Arena. Adams will there to meet and greet and sign specially designed game balls already autographed by fellow owner Ken Griffey Jr. Tryouts then take place two days later on Feb. 24 at Cincinnati Sports Mall before the season starts the last day of March at home against the Quad City Steamers.
Interesting that he is already familiarizing himself with the business of professional football. No doubt tuning up for Trey's soon-to-be possible career.