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I agree that in the grand scheme of things Steinbach is a more valuable player than Smith but when talking about the Bengals' specific needs, Justin wins out. I don't think he's lived up to being the #4 overall pick in the draft but he's solid and a very high-motor guy...a good example for some of the other knuckleheads on this team. I think they have people in place to step in for Steinbach but their needs on defense are numerous and keeping a good solid DE on the club is better than letting him walk and opening up yet another hole. The gameplan is to get him and his agent to the negotiating table and get something long-term and cap-friendly worked out.

If the Bengals can just get close to the top half of the league in team D, I think we've got something special here.
He was one of the dui's last year. I agree, high motor, valuable, but a franchise tag?