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Marty has his banana phone and other idosyncracies. The fact that harry Carey stunk doesn't make me feel better about Marty.

Sportscasters in general have started to make sports less enjoyable for me.

Someone like Joe Morgan is a prime example.

Caller #1: Joe, what do you think about Jonathon Papelbon?

Morgan: Well, I haven't gotten a chance to see him play, really, so I don't want to offer an opinion on him.

Caller #2; What do you think of Ryan Theriot?

Morgan: I don't get too see him play much, so I don't want to say anything.

Well, gee, Joe, I've never seen these guys play in person, either, but I have this thing called the internet and newspapers and I can tell you about them and I only work for a living.

Morgan, like Marty, thinks we get too caught up in numbers to analyze these players. I'm not sure what else there is to look at, but it must involve watching them every day while holding a stop watch to see how quickly they walk out to their position.

Lets face it, sporting events in general are just one long commercial under the guise of a game...I'm just thankful that baseball isn't quite as bad as football in that regard...yet anyway....