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Thread: Hey Dirt a ?

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    Hey Dirt a ?

    Out of the 1st 3 rounds of the mock draft how would you rank how the selectors have done so far ? Ok lol I apologize I think in a non subtle way i have just created a project for you. . To many variable's would be involved like players shut down for the season etc so I am giving you and out unless your obsessive
    2006 Redzone mock Draftee's- 1(st) Daniel Bard(redsox), 1(st sup)( Jordan Walden (Angels), 2(nd) rd.- Zach Britton(Orioles), 3(rd) Blair Erickson(Cardinals), 3(rd) Tim Norton( Yankees),(cuz its a Tim Hortons thing

    Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory... lasts forever.

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    Re: Hey Dirt a ?

    Now you have me intrigued. Give me a while here and I will get back to you on this one.

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    Re: Hey Dirt a ?

    Here is what I have come up with so far. Best pick of the mock draft has to go to SteelSD with Clayton Kershaw at #14 (BP #16 prospect). He only had 1 pick, but got a great player who vaulted into the top 30 prospects in baseball after just 1 short season of rookie ball. Second best pick is probably the #1 overall pick by TRF of Tim Lincecum. While I am not a fan of short, skinny pitchers with awkward deliveries, it Tim can stay healthy, he can be a VERY VERY good pitcher.
    I really like ramp101s draft with Marrero (BP #93 Prospect) and Conger (BP #88 Prospect), but his other picks didnt seem to work out so well for him with that signing thing.
    I think personally I landed at least two solid guys in Luke Hochevar (BP #23 prospect) and Dellin Betances (BP #92 Prospect).
    I am not sure who had the best draft.... but M2 had a very solid draft, but he also had more picks than anyone, so more chances to hit on a player.
    Also, just becuase its become a hot topic around here lately, in the Mock Draft we held a few days before the real draft, Drew Stubbs went #6 overall to the Detroit Tigers. KronoRed made very good use of the Cubs 1 and only pick in the first 3 rounds by selecting Billy Rowell.

    Anyways, if anyone wants to check it out again, here are the results of the first 3 rounds of the Redszone Mock Draft for 2006.

    First Round

    1. Royals-TRF(Tim Lincecum)
    2. Rockies-jmcclain19(Andrew Miller)
    3. Devil Rays-2844(Evan Longoria)
    4. Pirates-dougdirt(Luke Hochevar)
    5. Mariners-TradeRumor(Brad Lincoln)
    6. Tigers-DocScott(Drew Stubbs)
    7. Dodgers-lollipopcurve(Max Scherzer)
    8. Reds-OnBaseMachine(Brandon Morrow)
    9. Orioles-Gallen5862(Greg Reynolds)
    10. Giants-cincinnati chili(Matt Sulentic)
    11. Diamondbacks-Topcat(Daniel Bard)
    12. Rangers-Reds Fanatic(Joba Chamberlain)
    13. Cubs-KronoRed(Bill Rowell)
    14. Blue Jays-SteelSD(Clayton Kershaw)
    15. Nationals-Caveat Emperor(Kyle Drabek)
    16. Brewers-flyer85(Brooks Brown)
    17. Padres-rdiersin(Brett Sinkbeil)
    18. Phillies-Stewie(Brett Anderson)
    19. Marlins-ramp101(Hank Conger)
    20. Twins-Betterread(Travis Snider)
    21. Yankees-Puffy(Ian Kennedy)
    22. Nationals-Caveat Emperor(Josh Butler)
    23. Astros-SandyD(Kyle McCulloch)
    24. Braves-NC Reds(Kyler Burke)
    25. Angels-Austin Kearns(David Huff)
    26. Dodgers-lollipopcurve(Matt Antonelli)
    27. Red Sox-M2(Colton Willems)
    28. Red Sox -M2(Pedro Beato)
    29. White Sox-reds44(Jeremy Jeffress)
    30. Cardinals-MattyMo4Life(Kasey Kiker)

    Supplemental First Round

    31. Dodgers-lollipopcurve(Adam Ottavino)
    32. Orioles -Gallen5862(Bryan Morris)
    33. Giants -cincinnati chili(ADRIAN CARDENAS)
    34. Diamondbacks-Topcat(Jordan Walden)
    35. Padres-rdiersin(Lars Anderson)
    36. Marlins-ramp101(Chris Marrero)
    37. Phillies-Stewie(Kevin Mulvey)
    38. Braves -NC Reds(Chris Tillman)
    39. Indians-Red Leader(Chris Parlmelee)
    40. Red Sox-M2(Jason Place)
    41. Yankees-Puffy(Cody Johnson)
    42. Cardinals -MattyMo4Life(Matt Latos)
    43. Braves-NC Reds(Max Sapp)
    44. Red Sox-M2(Steven Wright)

    Second Round

    45. Royals-TRF(Justin Masterson)
    46. Rockies-jmcclain19(Chris Perez)
    47. Devil Rays-2844(Derrick Robinson)
    48. Pirates-dougdirt(Dellin Betances)
    49. Mariners-TradeRumor(Jon Jay)
    50. Tigers-DocScott(Mike Ambort)
    51. Braves-NC Reds(Wes Hodges)
    52. Reds-OnBaseMachine(Matt LaPorta)
    53. Padres-rdiersin(Kris Johnson)
    54. Cardinals-MattyMo4Life(Jared Hughes)
    55. Diamondbacks-Topcat(Zach Britton)
    56. Indians -Red Leader(Emmanuel Burriss)
    57. Indians-Red Leader(Brandon Belt)
    58. Orioles -Gallen5862(Cedrick Hunter)
    59. Nationals-Caveat Emperor(Shane Robinson)
    60. Brewers-flyer85(Chad Lee)
    61. Padres-rdiersin(Mark Hamilton)
    62. Mets-Block Knocker(Chad Tracy)
    63. Marlins-ramp101(Dallas Buck)
    64. Twins-Betterread(Matt Long)
    65. Phillies-Stewie(Jason Donald)
    66. Athletics-woy(Tony Watson)
    67. Astros-SandyD(Stephen King)
    68. Braves-NC Reds(Chris Archer)
    69. Indians-Red Leader(Jeff Locke)
    70. Nationals-Caveat Emperor(Marcus Lemon)
    71. Red Sox-M2(Eddie Degerman)
    72. Braves-NC Reds(Alex White)
    73. White Sox-reds44(Jeff Samardzija)
    74. Cardinals-MattyMo4Life(Mark Melancon)

    Supplemental Second Round

    75. Indians-Red Leader(Aaron Miller)
    76. Cardinals-MattyMo4Life(Riley Cooper)

    Third Round

    77. Royals-TRF(Jared Mitchell)
    78. Rockies-jmcclain19(Brian Jeroloman)
    79. Devil Rays-2844(Dustin Dickerson)
    80. Pirates-dougdirt(Cory Rasmus)
    81. Mariners-TradeRumor(Sean Watson)
    82. Tigers-DocScott(Nathan Karns)
    83. Red Sox-M2(Aaron Bates)
    84. Reds-OnBaseMachine(Ryan Strieby)
    85. Orioles-Gallen5862(Wade LeBlanc)
    86. Diamondbacks-Topcat(Blair Erickson)
    87. Diamondbacks-Topcat(Tim Norton)
    88. Rangers-Reds Fanatic(Ryan Morris)
    89. Giants-cincinnati chili(Colin Sabean)
    90. Marlins-ramp101(Sean Black)
    91. Nationals-Caveat Emperor(Andy Underwood)
    92. Brewers-flyer85(Chris Coghlan)
    93. Padres-rdiersin(Jeff Manship)
    94. Mets-Block Knocker(Wade Kapteyn)
    95. Marlins-ramp101(Steve Everts)
    96. Twins-Betterread(Ryan Adams)
    97. Phillies-Stewie(Jordan Newton)
    98. Athletics-Jpup(Drew Holder)
    99. Astros-SandyD(Brad Mills)
    100. Braves-NC Reds(Ryan Wehrle)
    101. Indians-Red Leader(Dylan Brown)
    102. Angels-Austin Kearns(Jordan Craft)
    103. Red Sox-M2(Joe Smith)
    104. Yankees-Puffy(Tommy Pham)
    105. White Sox-reds44(Jason Jarvis)
    106. Cardinals-MattyMo4Life(Jason Stoffel)

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    Re: Hey Dirt a ?

    Ah dirt your the best
    2006 Redzone mock Draftee's- 1(st) Daniel Bard(redsox), 1(st sup)( Jordan Walden (Angels), 2(nd) rd.- Zach Britton(Orioles), 3(rd) Blair Erickson(Cardinals), 3(rd) Tim Norton( Yankees),(cuz its a Tim Hortons thing

    Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory... lasts forever.

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