On Sunday, Washington, D.C. had that rarest of rare things--a legitimate snowfall. It's fairly common to wander around this city and snap photos of the buildings and monuments, but the opportunity to do so with a nice coating of snow on the ground is rare.

So, as the snow was winding down, my wife and I hurried out and began snapping some shots before it all melted away. I think D.C. is a gorgeous city, but it takes on a completely different character in the snow. I've attached some of the shots I took here--hope you enjoy them.

Our condo building, in the middle of the snowstorm:

The White House, from Lafayette Park:

St. John's Church, across from the White House on 16th St. It's a very old church, many of the presidents have worshipped here:

One of my favorite shots.

Another one of the White House:

Statue in front of the Treasury Building:

Lamp posts at the gates to the White House:

The World War II Memorial, with the Lincoln memorial in the background. (Sorry, no American Idol contestants today...)

...more to come.